cnMaestro - Delay firmware upgrade when onboarding

One feature I would like to see is to be able to restrict software upgrades to a specified window. It would be nice if when we onboard a radio, it will get added to cnMaestro and the software upgrade would be done later, say early in the AM when the customer isn’t likely to be using it. Right now, the onboarding process is potentially service effecting if the firmware is too old.

It is already implemented.
When you plan to update the software, select the schedule from the tab at the bottom :slight_smile: Look at the picture :slight_smile:

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I was referring to the auto upgrade process that happens when a new CPE is onboarded. As soon as you onboard it, if the CPE’s firmware is below the configured version in Software Images, the CPE will immediately begin upgrading itself and will reboot afterwards. If it could upgrade and reboot later or just delay the whole upgrade process until early in the morning or another set time, the onboarding process would be less disruptive to the customer.

In my opinion I don’t see any sense in adding such functionality to the onboarding process. Just skip the software update step and plan it later using the indicated functionality.

BenJ, you may have the Software Images section for the CPE Type set and the check box for Onboard Devices checked. Just uncheck the box so that during the Onboarding process the upgrade is not down. Then set up a schedule as mentioned above.