cnMaestro devices status of line

In the last days, many devices appear to be of line on cnMaestro although they are working OK at the field. Is there any problem with the cloud platform?

Same problem here.  Devices can ping (81 to 83 ms) but cannot resolve URL.  Happening last couple of days throughout our network.  Glad to hear its not just us?  May be a cnMaestro issue?

I  had problems like that too, but they went away with the latest cloud firmware upgrade. But if yours persist have the engineers to look into. 

Same here, mybe somebody from cambium and post here and let us know.

Hi Folks -- is the issue the devices are not able to contact cnMaestro due to a DNS resolution problem (with an error message in the device log), or are there a combination of issues in this thread? Also, if DNS, is it limited to a subset of device types?

I am getting the following error message in backhaul slave syslog

- lws_connect_timeout_cb:  Unable to connect websocket to cnMaestro, trying again - 

seems to happen every couple of hours??  Then about 30+ minutes for devices to reconnect.  When this happens, it affects almost all devices in our system (90%+, not all), including backhaul (slave only), sector AP's, SM's and cnPilot routers.

Just happened again to all devices with the curious exception of the only 2 E400's we have (at least this time).  Hotspots were affected also...all devices show same error message, including the cnPilot routers

Does not appear to be any DNS problem within our network, which is what I have been chasing every time this comes up...device can still ping cnMaestro site when error occurs, and device dashboard says 'cannot resolve URL'.

It just happened to us again too, will have to look at logs to see if same.

Hi Folks -- we see the issue as well and are working on a fix. Thanks for the notification and responses.

You guys are awesome!!!  We love Cambium!

Hi Folks -- we made some updates last night, and it looks likes the problem is improved, but not completely solved across all servers. We will make some additional modifications this weekend when the system is less utilized.