cnMaestro epmp SM mac address

cnMaestro shows epmp devices with the SM ethernet MAC address, not the wireless address which is used for everything else. Is there a way or a possibility to get this changed to match what the AP shows and what other tools show?

Yes you have found the problem: cnMaestro shows the SM LAN mac it does not show the wireless mac.
Your second mac is the AP wireless mac, which is nice but really tells you nothing as SSID and AP name are more useful.

Sorry, the view in the previous picture was cut too high.
You have a few lines below the MAC SM

For confirmation of the info, view from debug about the connection.

Mar 22 16:38:02 Force-300-13 kernel: [ 166.234546] SM[00:04:56:45:6c:6a] aid=1 associated with AP

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Ok, sorry I didnt state my want clearly. look at the dashboard not the details and you will see the SM LAN mac. This can be figured out or found but from a management perspective, the SM lan mac is useless since we cant get to it anyway.

I never said this want was a good one, just found an annoyance that can simplfy some problems with device identification. The AP shows one MAC and cnMaestro shows another.

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