cnMaestro ESXi VM - SSL security - client warnings - statistics


Till now we used Mikrotik and Ubiquity devices, but now we decide we will try out the Cambium E500. Our main profile to provide free WiFi access on events. Our first test starts today in a crowded environment, with 6 pieces E500. We installed the cnMaestro VM to our server, and we manage the Guest access with the cnMaestro Guest Access Portal. 

The centralized management is working, it's perfect, but we have some questions:

- Possible to disable the SSL access when the client connects to the Access Portal? First time every client get an SSL Server auth warning message, we have to solve it (or we have to handle the hotspot client access with other way, but we would like to use the cnMaestro because the centralized login and roaming possibilities). Our server on a private IP over VPN.

- Is there any way to get more statistics with numbers? (number of connections per day per week, etc.) We have to show numbers from every events, it's necessary to our partners.

- Possible to forward the client after the success login with the cnMaesto Guest Access Portal? (the same method when we use the internal hotspot solution) It's a very important marketing solution for us.

These are the questions on the first day. ;) We are very interesting, because we would like to use this model on many other places too.