cnMaestro event reporting

We are running cnMaestro with a few sites being monitored for evaluation purposes.

Last night we had an AP reboot due to 'Watchdog Reset'

The only events noted in the cnMaestro event history were GPS sync acquisition and clients dropping/reacquiing.

There really ought to be an event logged, probably as critical severity, when an AP suffers a watchdog reset, do I need to change a setting somewhere to capture this event?

cnMaestro onpremises 1.2.1-r1

APs running 14.2.1


Hi Barry,

Are you requesting an event when a PMP AP reboots, when there is a "Watchdog Reset" or both?  Please also enter this request in the Ideas section linked at the top of the page ( so we can keep visibility on this.  I'll also bring this up internally.

Currently if a device disconnects and reconnects to cnMaestro in a short amount of time we do not log an offline event in order to avoid false positives due to management traffic being deprioritized or momentary network issues.  If the device is disconnected from cnMaestro long enough for the connection to be termininated we will log an Event.  If the device does not reconnect within 5 minutes we will then activate an offline alarm.  None of this occured since the AP reconnected fast enough after rebooting.

Considering that AP stability is more critical than edge devices I can see a good argument for tracking reboots specifically for APs and not other devices.