cnMaestro export to Link Planner

There should either be a link planner in cnmaestro, or a way to export the CPE locations+AP locations+Modulations at the moment. that way we can do near-real world estimations of swapping a 450 to a 450m i mean this would be super powerful for both internal evaluation, and as a sales tool for cambium i'd imagine to show what a simple swap out

In addition would be really cool to be able to use this data, to do comparisons of expected vs reality, link planner could give us an alert for CPE"s that aren't meeting their expected RSL/CINR/Modulation to point out we may have alignment/fresnel issues at the real install.

Back when they were working on CNS, I asked if something like this would be possible. It would be awesome to have LinkPlanner-like/lite tools in cnMaestro. Click on an SM and have an option to run a path analysis and show the profile and predicted RSL, fresnel zone, etc. Permanently caching the topo data in the VM wouldn't be a bad idea either so it doesn't have to be retreived every time.

This would be Very handy Right now. Mapping my entire network down to the subscriber level into linkplanner and our largest site is already mapped in cnMaestro.

Hi, this is still in "under consideration" status? or Is there a link with the solution?


There is a workaround to do that:

You can download a CSV file with information regarding to information and then, you can Import to LinkPlanner. I've just see this solution, so I think some checkboxes could not be useful for the import.

On page 246 in LinkPlanner User Guide is the information abt what columns do you need to import.