cnMaestro External Guest Hotspot via Mikrotik


can any one help me how to setup an external hotspot via mikrotik? I am trying make users authenticate through mikrotik.

please help :-(

You can select "External Hotspot" under the "Guest Access" settings of your WLAN. From here you need to add the details about your hotspot setup and Mikrotik router.


you need to decide below taks, who is doing what for guest access purpose ,

1. Login / landing page is served from Mikrotik router or

2. Login / landing page is serverd from cnPilot AP

3. How users needs to be authenticated like guest access users authentication using RADIUS server, mikrotik router can act like RADIUS server 

4. If Mikrotik router is cable of hosting guest access server, then it can be normal WLAN on cnPilot AP

If you can explain entire work flow (right from use connecting to ssid, to getting ip addressa and doing guest access authentication) with detailed requirments, we shall be able help in better 

In my experience,

1. I create a hotspot with a VLAN tag in Mikrotik and make DHCP per VLAN.

2. tag VLAN in WLAN. (eg. Guest - VLAN 10)

3. open trunk port VLAN 1 and allowed VLAN 10.

 That fine. and working well. 

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ok, it is working as per your requirment! no additional requirment!

Same for me, without using external hotspot inside the AP