CnMaestro Graphs modulation error

With the new firmware for pmp 450 (20.0.1) cnmestro on-premises don’t graphs the intermediate modulation:

how we can resolve?

Hi Guidocomix,

Which cnmaestro-on-premises version are you using?
And these gaps in the graphs only for modulation or all others graphs for this devices also has this issue?(like Throughput, RSSI, SNR)


Only the modulation graphs, the others its work, this radio have 8X/7X MIMO-B modulation

OVA Version


Package Version


another radio 8X/3X MIMO-B, only with the intermediate modulation:

Hi Guidocomix,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We found the issue, will be working on that.
Will provide the fix in next cnmaestro-on-premises soon.