cnMaestro: GRE Tunnel Configuration & Debugging

 cnMaestro: GRE Tunnel  Configuration & Debugging

1.  How to Configure GRE tunnel on cnMaestro?

To configure a Layer-2 GRE tunnel for cnMaestro via the WebUI:

  1. Log in to cnMaestro UI
  2. Navigate to Services > Data Tunnel>Configuration
  3. On this page, enable Tunnel status, as show in below figure.
  4. On this page, select Bridge port interface, as show in below figure.

  1. Navigate to Shared Settings> WLANs and AP Groups>WLANs & add wlans, On wlan > click on Advanced Settings, as show in below figure.

  1. Navigate to Shared Settings> WLANs and AP Groups>AP Groups
  • Select L2GRE from Tunnel encapsulation
  • On L2GRE section , configure Ip address of cnMaestro
  • Configure dscp value as 0 & save



 2. How to check status of current gre tunnel per Ap & statistics :

> Navigate to Services > Data Tunnel> Statistics .On this page,  you can find following details :

  • Access point
  • IP address
  • Uptime
  • Number of Clients
  • Rx/Tx packets

> Navigate to Dashboard>Network info , On same page we can check Aps association with NOC & gre status

> Navigate to Dashboard>Network info for particular device and can verify statistics for GRE tunnel per Ap. On this page , TX & RX Bytes &  total drop details will be visible

3.  Packet capture for GRE tunnel on NOC :

  • Packet capture should looks like below image. In this image, GRE layer is visible with other details. Let us consider on cnMaestro you are not seeing any GRE tunnel then you can capture TCP dump packets on eth0 interface