CnMaestro Guest Access Portal customization

Hello Everybody,

I have a couple of questions in regard to the guest access portal.

  • I have a client that requires 2 million Voucher IDs and as per the guide i can only create 50,000. Is there a solution for this?
  • Can the voucher login page be customized to have a username and password?
  • Can i upload my own codes to be used as the login codes?

Thank you

Hi SombhaSolutions,

Currently for the vouchers are set to 50,000 only and presently we  don't have an option to increase it.

Regarding the customized username and password and  own codes to be used as the login codes. Presently, we don't have an option for these requests. 


If we have an options regarding the same in future, we will let you know regarding the same.

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Thank you so much