cnMaestro Hardware Requirements

Can someone point me to the hardware requirements for the cnMaestro OVA? I've been having issues with our setup and I am starting to think I am under powered to support it. Currently running 1.6.2, but working on upgrading to the latest v2. Thanks

CPU is more difficult to quantify – we recommend one with a Geekbench Multi-Core score of at least 4,500.

If you're having issues with graphs and statistics loading slowly or not at all, please update to 2.1.0-R23.

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Thanks for the reply, I guess its not so much CPU concern but more ram. I thought I remember seeing a chart which showed a recommended hardware requirement for the software based on number of devices running. I've got 6GB of ram assigned to the VM, but I wonder if I need more.

The requirements are documented in the Quick Start Guide in Section 3.1.1