cnMaestro "Hey, You've been updated"

It'd be pretty nice to have the ability to do one of two things, or both:

A:  Input customers email address into cnMaestro.  Next you schedule an equipment update.  Maestro then uses that address to push a template based email to the customer stating their equipment will be updated on X day, between Y and Z times.

B:  Temporary forward option to a splash screen prior to update, possibly needing cnMatrix involved, that tells the customer they are going to be, or have been updated.

Can't your billing or CRM software do that?

Can it, sure.  We wrote our own and could easily implement this option.  However, it would be another step.  If it was built in with a pre-defined splash page of sorts, would be a nice value add for our customers.  Trying to get as close to single click systems.