cnmaestro - HTTPS Certificate Errors

We upraded to cnmaestro 2.2.1 from 1.6.3 on-premises which requires HTTPS. I installed a valid certificate on the cnmaestro so I don't get certificate error there, but I get certificate errors connecting to APs or SMs via HTTPS. The APs and SMs are on 3.5.1 and private IPs. Do I need to upgrade APs and SMs or is there a way to get valid certificates on APs and SMs?

Hi ,

There is no need of certificate on AP or SM . cnMaestro launches device gui by default in HTTPS irrespective of device web protocol. Hence you are facing this issue in 2.2.1. In the next cnmaestro release 2.3.0 this was fixed to fetch the HTTP/HTTPS mode from device and then launch the device GUI. 

3.5.6 is the more stable release for ePMP AP/SM and hence recommend to upgrade your devices to this build.

As a workaround for now in 2.2.1 release please push the following template to all AP and SMs so that the mode is changed to HTTPS in all the devices.

Please push the below templates after creation from cnmaestro

For ePMP Devices: 


                 "device_props": {

                       "webService":   "2"




I get certificate error messages (E.g. "This site is not secure"  "Your connection is not private"), and a couple of extra clicks are required, when connecting to PMP450i SMs and APs. I believe that there is no way to avoid this (and still use https) because there is no way to load certificates on the devices. Is this correct?



Hi Don,

Yes currently you cannot load certificates from the device , hence you will be getting this error .



is this planned to be fixed in the 3.5.x software line? I really dont like having to deal with the lack of ability to add a valid https certificate. And no, I am not using the features of the 4.x.x software so please dot make that the answer.

when is cnmaestro 2.3 due to release?