cnMaestro Idea's - disagree /agree everyone??

Hi Guys/Gals,

I would love to see more customisation in cnMaestro.

What I mean is the ability to set up a users "favourite" setup.

For exapmle when I click on a Tower and select the Statistics table it shows ePMP SM as default view. I myself would prefer ePMP AP as the default.

If I click on the AP than I would like ePMP SM to be the default.

Also when in statistics you have the option to select General, wireless, network and traffic. I would like a custom selection here with all these options listed that is available to the other headers and select what I would like too see in my custom header. So basically have Custom with the ability to choose every option in the Column chooser.

Also add the ability to see the Product type here.

So you would have a choice of Custom, General, Wireless, Network and Traffic. 

Currently I see a very well presented GUI but I also see a lot of wasted space on the screen that could be utilised better and room for customisation.

And by god please allow the view of more than 25 devises. 50 would be a great number :) on Aircontrol I can display every device and use a scroll to view... Sure you can manage more than 25 :)


I would also love to be able to pull up a AP and and send a command to Reboot all AP's currently connected to it.

Thoughts everyone? Idea's? What would you also like to see?>


Chris, thanks for the ideas .  Looking forward to seeing comments/opinions from other users as well.

It would be really nice to have a layout option that doesn't include cnpilot or hotspot services.

Also +1 for above suggestions.