cnMaestro info in ePMP config file

Using software version 3.5.2.

How can I get the Cambium ID and Onboarding key to save into a configuration file? Whenever I reboot the SM, the info disappears. If I download a backup configuration file before rebooting (when I can still see the info in the System tab), it is still no where to be found in the config file.

Can this info not be part of the config file?

There ARE fields for them , I have them in my default config files that I pre-provision all radios with before install techs get them.  (though I can't attest to what software version was running on the radios from which I originally pulled them - it's even possible I manually added them at some point, I don't recall)

                "cambiumDeviceAgentEnable":     "1",
                "cambiumDeviceAgentCNSURL":     "https:\/\/",
                "cambiumDeviceAgentCNSIDToken": "",
                "cambiumCNSDeviceAgentID":      "cnmaestro_on_premises",
                "cambiumCNSDeviceAgentPassword":        "password",

Obviously I've changed the URL of our hosted cnMaestro, and password...  Also obviously, this can only be added manually to the JSON form of config file.


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