CnMaestro LDAP Authentication server


It's been 4 days that i'm trying to configure LDAP Authentication Server on cnMaestro without any success.

There is a huge lack of documentation for it and altought i've been able to configure the login access, I can't figure out how to associate the group mapping.

The account "tester" show me always "No Valid Role Associated". I saw with tshark the queryes and cnMaestro don't even try to query the groups to find an association.

Could you kindly provide some documentation how to integrate OpenLDAP with CnMaestro?


Hi Antonio, 

We are in the process of prepare one and will post the same in few days. 
We can have a remote session to go through your configuration, please drop an email to me,


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Hi Antonio, 

I have post step by step instructions on LDAP authentication for cn-Maestro. 

Here is the community link:

I hope this helps. 


Thank You!

It would take ages for me discover that cnMaestro use employeeType as attribute for group matching!

Now everything is working. Kudos to you!