Cnmaestro - Limited Voucher generation


Any reason why there is a “CAP” on the voucher generation on both the maestro essential and “X”? Vouchers run out easily for a business doing public wifi hotspots.

While you can create 1000 vouchers at a time, there is nothing preventing you from creating “Adding” more to the list, you just have to hit the Add Voucher button again and create another 1000 vouchers.
If you need 100K of Vouchers this would be extremely tedious.
However, with this input in mind, I have opened an enhancement request to increase this limit from max 1000 to max of 99999. At least any amount between 1-100000 would be easy to create.

Voucher generation is a bit time consuming job on the server side and with higher limit the job time also increases significantly. Please let us know what is the reasonable voucher generation count you are looking for in a single voucher generation request.

thanks… so we are doing a nationwide public wifi hotspot we are doing 200 APs (e700+e510+e501+e502) the whole network is on Cambium. So we cannot give a count. with that been said, we are creating up to 9 plans (12hrs each) with generation of 1,000 vouchers. This is the voucher limits so far.
It will be great if each plan can generate 5k, with the possibility of deleting (Plans) to regenerate vouchers. Even if there is a limitation, the deleting of plans to regenerate vouchers should stay.
we shall generate up to 5k per day by Jan 2023.

that is great… let us have a try and see. see below my reply to Kunal

@majdawg please see attached… changes not effective

Thank you for all the insight, we will do our best to meet your requirements. I understand you are creating new plans each time you want to generate a batch of vouchers and then delete the plans when the vouchers are expired.

If you have any more usability improvements then please do let us know.

rightly so Kunal…

we will revert soon as the changes are efffected.

@Kunal_Solanki & @majdawg any visibility of these changes we are hanging with a live network?


Are you using a on Prem version or cambium cloud? It will take some time to get this change into our release but l will ask someone to reach out to you directly and work towards it.

@Kunal_Solanki we are using cloud version. The speed will save us. We have invest so much money and time on this project.

There is also an API if you have cnMaestro X that allows you to generate vouchers. This could be done through a script to generate many vouchers in sequence.

POST /portal/{portal_id}/vouchers/{voucher_plan}/generate

@ Jordan thanks man… we are on essential.

@Kunal_Solanki Hi any update on this?