cnMaestro managed AP - disable SSID broadcast when cloud connection lost?


We are using cnPilot APs (e410, e500, e501s, e510) with cnMaestro.
When cloud connection lost (e.g. gateway router error) the AP continues to broadcast the SSID.

Are there any option or setting to change this behavior? Like shutting down the radios when the cloud connection is lost.

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Hi David – generally we don’t want issues with the management connection to impact the functionality of the AP. Are you truly looking for the AP to stop when it can’t reach cnMaestro (and if so, can you elaborate on the the use-case ), or is the actual issue you want the AP to shut down radios when the Internet is no longer accessible?

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Hi Rob, thanks for reply. I am aware that most controller based (on-prem or cloud) AP works like this, separeta mgmt plane and data (functionality).

Use-case: wifi hotspots, we operate Layer2 cambium, customer operates Layer3 + gateway functionality.
Usual ticket from customer: “we see the wifi SSID but cnMaestro w/ monitoring user shows the AP offline”

Exchange of emails, counting SLAs, and the solution is generally the restart of customers gateway.

For us, the shutdown of AP radios when internet is not accessible would be fine.

You can use the ‘monitor host’ feature for this. You will find this under WLAN -> advanced settings.

Put in the IP address or hostname of a site / host that should be reachable over the WAN link. The AP will verify reachability using ICMP ping. If the remote host is unreachable, the WLAN will be shut down.


Thank you Trevor, this is a very good advice and solution.
I have just did a test and it seems working fine, give it a try in the next weeks on our hotspot networks!