cnMaestro management of AP's not on vlan1

Hi All,

Currently using cnMaestro on premises and we are trying to add E425H on Vlan 450, with static IP addressing.

It is fine until we go to add the devices to a AP Group to configure the WLAN, it sets the device back to VLAN 1. I try to add a new VLAN to the group, but it asks for an IP address to be entered, but as I am adding multiple APs i feel that this will not work.

If any one can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

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If you want to retain the IP address and network settings from the AP in a multi AP deployment, please try the Auto-set from device option available in configuration >> advanced settings

The “Auto-set from device” option is enabled for default for devices. This setting will read the network configuration from the device of the VLAN being used to connect to cnMaestro and push those settings back to the device during a configuration sync in order to ensure connectivity is maintained.

If connectivity is severed after a configuration sync, the device should roll back its configuration automatically after about 15 minutes in order to reconnect to cnMaestro.

I assume for your scenario the devices already have static IP addresses set up. If you want to push static IP addresses from cnMaestro then you can do this in the device level Overrides section. Disable “Auto-set from device” and enable the settings you want to override, like IP Address, with device-specific values.