CNMaestro - Mass Reboot

With the old CNS server you were able to reboot devices enmass allowing to get SM's back on correct access points if they moved over to anoter for any reason.  IS there a chance a feature like this where you could reboot SM's enmass, without having to reboot the AP's.

IS there any update on when or even if this feature will be enacted?

Currently to be safe I have to manually reboot each SM before updating firmware as if I don't do this there is a good chance of a truck roll or call to the client to manually power cycle at least 1 SM.

 I would love to see a mass reboot of all SM's on an AP

Agreed - this would be very helpful. 

 Would be very helpful. Running into quite a few SMs that need a reboot before firmware will upgrade to 3.5.5