cnMaestro Mass Updates

Any word on when it will be more efficient to update 1000's of devices?

As our netwrok multiplies I am starting to get worried.

Which device type you are managing right now?

cnMaestro does support mass upgrade and doesnt have any limit, user can go to system view and select all the device in a job of same type and start the upgrade.

Please let us know more what is the actual expectation here.


I am sorry it took me a while to reply, I have been sitting here clicking on Every AP we have , which is 200+ just so I can see the SM's under. This was also over 9 pages I had to visit to get to them all.

Not to mention as soon as I dropdown a AP to show all the SM's I then have to move the mouse to the side of the screen to scroll down more as it does not like it anywhere else sometimes.

But in seriousness there has got to be a better way. 

We are using the ePMP range as a WISP.

I am free to take you guys back through Aircontrol 2 to highlight some shortfalls. They copy you enough when it comes to radio features may aswell copy them a bit ;)

You guys definately have your Pro's in cnMaestro but updating is not one of them and for a WISP it's pretty poor when you need to update your devices.

Updating and data history should be on your priorities IMHO

Hi, no way for an easy upgrade è_é 

In April Cambium told me: "For now, as you observed, it is possible to select all of the APs using the “Select all APs checkbox”.  In order to select SMs, it is currently necessary to expand the AP and show the SMs.  Then click on the “Select all SMs” box.  Unfortunately, for now, you need to expand each of the APs  in order to select the “Select All SMs” checkbox."

We wait CNMestro 1.6.0

Indeed we do wait, wonder what the ETA is for 1.6.0

Hopefully not much longer :)

And selecting all SM's did't work because it select only max 15 SM's and you need create a job for every page.

You have same issue?

@Telemar wrote:

And selecting all SM's did't work because it select only max 15 SM's and you need create a job for every page.

You have same issue?

Yes è_é


Selecting all SM devices for an AP should have worked, though you see maximum only 15 SMs selected in a page. If you go to the next SM page, you should be seeing all SMs selected there as well. Please clear the browser cache and retry in case it is not working as explained above. If it still didn't work, please email screenshot and browser details to



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The other issue with updating is the Access Points.

For example I decided to do all the AP's first so I selected them all.

Now I have to wait while cnMaestro does one at a time. This takes WAY too long and in my opinion unacceptable. There should be an option to do 20, 50 etc at one time. If your machine can handle it you should have the option. Not turn a 2min upgrade into say a 430min (7+ hours) event cause you have so many to update.

Any update on an improved verion and when we can expect it?

Hi ,

Regarding the AP update , cnMaestro does the update Sector wise due to which the APs are upgraded one by one.

The parallel update is provided as of now only for SMs and max 20 SMs can be updated parallely .

The AP update is made sector wise pruposefully as if there any issue with the software image then only the first AP sector is only impacted and other updates will not be done if the option "Stop all queued devices to update on critical error" is selected as well . This will protect the entire network from going down in case of any software image issues.

If you still feel all the APs also needs to be updated parallely you can post the same in the ideas section of the cambium community so that it will be taken for further action from the product management team.