cnMaestro - memory leak?

Noticed since at least 2.2 more stale data and needing to reboot cnMaestro more frequently to resolve it.  Updated the memory to 8GB which was sooner than I expected (we have about 2000 devices).

Today it happened again where cnMaestro was serving stale data again.  Rebooted, checked the memory consumption and noticed a slow upward trend this week.  See attached pic.

cnMaestro version 2.4.0-r3

Have there been any reports of cnMaestro having a memory leak? 


Hi rnelson -- we haven't had reports of a serious memory leak. Can you let us know what types of devices you are managing, and whether you are using any services such as RADIUS Proxy.

With newest version of cnMaestro 2.4.1-r10, we have not seen this problem anymore so it looks fixed now. Thanks for your help!

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