CnMaestro migration from one server to a existing CnMaestro server


I have 2 CnMaestro servers which are Geographically in different states. We have almost 5000+ devices onboarded in both servers.
Now that due to circumstance we are shutting down one server and Migrate all the device to a single server.

My question is

We have created Multiple Towers under a single network and each tower has 100’s of device onboarded. Is there any procedure to move all the Towers and their onboarded devices to another Cnmaestro server.

I know that by creating a Cnmaestro Onboarding details Template we can move the devices to the Cnmaestro server but how to move/place in their particular towers.

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Hi @Airtel_Support,
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If it is On-Prem, The best way is by Auto Provisioning rules.
Path : Shared Settings > Auto-Provisioning