cnMaestro New Features webinar

The recording is here. Please post your questions andcomments to this thread.



I may have missed it but I swear there was no mention of firmware updates in mass and the ease of selecting SM's while upgrading large networks. <--- this is probably the biggest issue for us and the speed it carries out these updates.

Emilio has more details on my experiences on updating large amounts of SM.

Also when can we expect to see the new Beta in the Beta thread?

Hi Chris-T -- it will be in the 1.6.0 release next month (there is a reference in one of the slides to a "Refreshed" Software Update). The page has been rewritten, and one can select all the APs and SMs using a single checkbox. The interface maintains the AP/SM sector grouping (because it provides strong context for Fixed Wireless administrators), but it is much smoother and supports one-click select for everything, and one-click deselect for all the SMs under an AP (if one only wants to update a single AP). There is no requirement to display the SMs, unless choosing individual devices.

Thanks Rob, that sounds great.

Would you be able to look at making PTP firmware upgrades a option to be done sepere to PTMP?

So a selection box to select either PTMP (AP&SM) or PTP (AP&SM), or both if wanting all.

Sometime we may want to update PTMP at a different time to PTP, save having to scroll through them all to deselect the PTP's we dont want to do at that time.. It a long list lol.

i love all this!



When we talk about distance can cover up to 245 KM what D/U speed can be mobilised over link.

Installation procedure guidelines etc  specially when we talk about 245KM link.



Hi, We have proven a PTP link to a range of 245 km. Of course, performance depends on frequency, conditions and obstacles. The best way to view performance alternatives on a link is to use our free LINKPlanner software. You can get more details on it HERE, or check out the LINKPlanner webinars HERE.

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