CnMaestro no Sync whith Ap E-500

Hello, we recently installed a CnMestro with Ap's E500 and E600, most of the Ap's E500 appear in CnMestro as No Sync and at the beginning of the installation if they were synchronized. Any suggestions why they have stopped synchronizing? Thank you

Please share us the details of cnMaestro:

  • Is it cnMaestro OnPremises or cnMeastro cloud
  • Please share us the version details of cnMaestro.


Thanks for your answer, we ara using the CnMaestro Cloud with version 1.6.1-r19


If the configuration on those devices are changed outside of cnMaestro then it goes out of sync.

You can always sync them back with cnMaestro from the configuration jobs page.

Please check the Configuration tab of the device dashboard.  On the right side the Sync Status of the device is stated along with the reason that the device is out of sync.  If the out of sync reason is due to configuration failure, please check the configuration job details to see the exact failure error.  From the left hand menu, Application -> Jobs and the click the clipboard icon for the job the device failed within to see the exact error.

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ok, it indicated fault in the push, i have synchronized tham again from CnMaestro and it has indicated that i had an error in the power of the radio, which was modified manually in te Ap´s.

is already working properly, Thanks

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Glad you got it working.  You can set the power level on a per-device basis with the User-defined Overrides at the bottom of the Configuration tab at the device level.  This is useful if a single AP should have a power level different than that of the AP Group's.

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