cnMaestro not sending email alerts when an SM goes offline

Hello I have cnMaestro version 2.4.0-r3 monitoring a Force 200 AP and a Force 180 SM. They are connected and running fine. When an SM goes down (power loss etc) I have noticed it creates a ‘major alarm’ in cnMaestro but does not send the auto email alert? The auto email alert does work for the AP major alarms. Email alerts are configured to be sent on major alarms.


Could you please check your ignore notifications settings and make sure that ePMP SM Offline is not checked?

Hello Anish

That was it. Strange that it is ticked by default.


Hi Newy,

Ideally there will be lot of SMs connected to AP and hence SMs will be by default in ignorance list to avoid flooding of the mail box with the mail notifications. Especially during software update or other maintenance activities where AP goes down and SMs are offline . Also there is a provision for the end user to select or deselect this option according to his choice.