cnMaestro On-Prem v2.1.0-r22 aggressively refreshing the networks tab

Anyone else having serious usability problems with V2.1.0-r22?

Our Networks list refreshes about every 3-5 seconds, collapsing the list, then re-expanding it where you were, or where you accidentally clicked when it started refreshing.

It's bordering on unusable.  Tested on 3 browsers and 4 different machines.


We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Would it be possible to arrange a TeamViewer session for the team to understand the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Ran the problem down to newer devices running v3.5.2.  Newer MACs weren't supported in older firmware, so multiple devices were reporting the same ethernet MAC, which was freaking cnMaestro out.

If you have 00:04:56:FF:FF:FF on a device, most likely you'll find multiple devices with that MAC as the ethernet MAC.  Update to 3.5.6 and you'll fix the problem.