cnMaestro on premise?


Read that cnMaestro could be deployed on premise. But i can't seem to find any downloads or any thing like that anywhere?!

This will be available in Q1, 2016.

Do you know what it will cost? Or will it be free?

Free, expected to be distributed as a VM but may be an installer package.

The details of an on-premise (NOC) version of cnMaestro, including cost, is not yet defined but will be communicated closer to launch.

It's now Q1, 2016though admittedly fairly early in it.

An OVA would be an ideal distribution platform for me.

Also wondering if cnMaestro and ex. E400 is to compete directly with Ubiquiti's Unifi system or not?

In my eyes, the E400 is priced very good, and therfor we are very interested in the cnMaestro's features and hopefully ease of use.

+1 to what Mike Hammett wrote.

Very much itching to get a look at cnMaestro on-site version and play with some Canopy gear.

Soooooo, how are we doing against the launch of cnMaestro on premise in Q1? :)

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Figured I'd give this a bump to see if it would get an update. Most of our network is in private IP space :-/

Our team is working on the release and we will keep you posted soon!!


Cory, do you mean most of your network blocked from directly accessing the public internet or just are on private IP addresses?

Jordan - Yes, most of our radios are that are deployed are in our management VLAN using 172.X.X.X that does not have access to the public internet.

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Same here.

Q2 is in two weeks ;)

OK.  Just checking since devices just need to be able to initiate contact with the cloud server and not necessarily have a public IP.  It's clear now that your devices don't fall under this category.

Same here all the radios are on the management vlan

Just dropping in to say that we are also looking forward to on-premise cnMaestro.

Our devices are on internal management VLANs and we really don't want to allow them NAT access to the internet.



I personally would rather build a set of scripts to use my own version to integrate into my own custom monitoring solution that is tied into our billing system. Is this possible is it possible to send us basic info to ackomplish this without using snmp to to the radio?