cnMaestro On-Premises 1.3.0-r7 released

Hello Everyone,

We have release cnMaestro On-Premises 1.3.0-r7 today.

This has some important bug fixes and improvements over previous releases.

It must be installed on an existing cnMaestro 1.2.2-r3 or 1.3.0-r5 virtual machine.

Please download the package from our support site




Hi there,

Any idea when or if the PTP600 will be supported?



Installed patch,  rebooted and everything showed red.  Then the server actually crashed.  Showed a message that all services were temporarily unavailable.  I checked the console and it gave an out of memory error actually. 

Rebooted and now its back up and devices all showed green.

This isn't the first time I've had it run out of memory and crash like this though.  I've used all the default values that came with the VM.  We have ~2200 units right now being monitored. 

Can you please share the cnMaestro techdump to further analysis the crash details.

Hi Tim,

PTP support in cnMaestro is part of our roadmap, but not sure at this moment which all models  will be part of it.

As some of the legacy devices may not be supported in cnMaestro.

We will update the forum once we are ready.



Tech dump is too large to email so I've emailed you a link to the file.

Hi Steven,

On every package update, the VM is supposed to reboot and you will see the "services were temporarily unavailable" until the VM is completely up.

Do you see any other problem like you applied the patch and the VM is stuck or dint come up and you had to reboot again?

Please confirm.



I had put our wildcard SSL certificate on our CNMaestro VM 1.3.0-r5, was working fine.  Then I updated with the 1.3.0-r7 and it apparently overwrote that and restored the original self-signed cert, preventing me from logging into webUI now.

The immediate problem for me is that I can't remember what I had ended up doing to get it working weeks ago, but more generally it's irritating that we need to jump through hoops of a sort to even get a real signed SSL certificate working on the VM, and then an update just casually wipes that out?


Sorting is all screwed up in r7. Devices waiting to be on-boarded do not show up at the top of the list. And the dashboard tree items are not sorting right at all.

Here's what it looks like:

Is it possible to revert to 1.3.0-r5 using the previous package, or are downgrades not possible that way?


Hi Rupam,

Thanks. It would be nice. Cambium radios seem to last forever.



I just pushed a configuration change to all my modules and notice that this version seems to only select 15 devices to change per ap even though i select all devices under the ap.

i have to subsquently apply the config file to the other sm's  on the ap 15 at a  time.

Good Morning,

I need to know if I can see the AP with PTP y PMP technology in CnMaestro.

Thank you

Good afternoon

We upgraded form 1.2.2-r4 to 1.3.0-r7 now we are not able to login from the client side.

Any ideas...called tech support and they might get back to me today or maybe tomorrow.

Cheers Malachi

Thank you for the update to 1.3.0=r7.  I currently do not see a way to assign a user accont to a single site only.  So if a customer wants access to see their mesh while under managment it's currently not possible?