cnMaestro On-Premises 1.4.0 Released

Guess I'll wait a bit before updating :)

Hi dayas -- are you using Firefox for the export/import process? If so, can you try another browser, such as Chrome, and let us know if the problem resolves?

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yes i was.

I was unable to get it to work wtih chrome or opera.

But go figure Edge worked.

Problem resolved.


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There is a bug in Mozilla and it can be tracked


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I wanted to post an update on the AP crash issue.  I've had the 36 APs that were crashing before approved in 1.4.0 without seeing a single crash.

I can't say for sure that's due to a change in cnMaestro; we added two more APs and significantly reduced load which appeared to be a factor in the crashes as well.

@Rob wrote:

Hi Chris-T -- is the issue with the ePMP upgrades the embedded tree display in the upgrade page?  We are looking to replace that with a more basic tabular view (filtering either through the table or the tree), but it may not be until the end-of-April. We will have an interim release before it, but it will mostly consist of navigation improvements to support revamped Fixed Wireless and Wireless LAN views. The upgrade page enhancements are close on the priority list.

I really hope this is progressing as I really want to rollout FW 3.3 but need a better upgrade solution prior, as discussed it is too time consuming currently.

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Hi Chris -- still targeted for the following release (the one after the next), and on track now for early May. The focus will be on replacing the embedded tree in the page with a table, which will allow for easier selection of devices. One can still leverage the tree hierarchy on the left to filter the table as a whole; however the complexity of dealing with the embedded hierarchy will be removed.