cnmaestro on-premises_1.6.0-r5_amd64.ova can't deploy in VMware ESXi


I have a problem deploying cnmaestro on-premises_1.6.0-r5 on either VMware ESXi Host 6.0 or VMware workstation 14 Pro. I got the problem message as below screenshot. But that OVA is working well on Oracle VirtualBox 5.2.12 . 

In the recommandation, the Supported Virtualization Infrastructures are as below.

VMware Workstation Version 12

VMware vSphere ESXi Version 5.5 or later (this is the preferred platform)

Oracle VirtualBox Version 5.0.18 (tested on Windows and Linux).

Cnmaestro on ESXi.jpg

Could you please recommand me the compatitable version with VMware ESXi 6 which is using in our infrastructure currently?

Does the OVA file validate succesfully against the hash provided in the downloads page?

SHA256: CD5DA9C341AD18E47FE2AC026F5A1958DFA496516E923EE3DED0E7394D99D56B

The latest available version of cnMaestro On-premises is 1.6.2 on the downloads page.  This is with a 1.6.1 OVA and 1.6.2 package installed on top.

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Hi zinkosankyway -- I haven't seen this issue with ESXi, and I just re-validated the OVA with 6.5.0. I think checking the hash, as Jordan recommended, would be the first approach.

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