CnMaestro (On Premises) can't update PMP450 SM

I have a set of PMP450's with a variety of software versions on them.  I was trying to bring them all up to 15.2.1.  I installed the on premises VM for CnMaestro and installed the latest 2.2.1-r32 update package.  I added the CnMaestro URL to each AP and the APs distributed that to the SM's.

I can upgrade the APs in CnMaestro, but I can't seem to upgrade the SM's.  The Software upgrade job has a status of "processing" for about an hour and then just stops.

I've noted that CnMaestro reports all the SM IP addresses as "".  We've been accessing them via the RF Private IP rather setting IP addresses on them.  Is CnMaestro trying to send them commands to "" ?

No, cnMaestro will not send commands to for any device.  Devices establish a connection with cnMaestro, which is then used for all communication between the two.  This allows for communication even if the device does not have a public IP address.

What firmware version are your SMs before attempting the upgrade?  After the software upgrade job stops do the devices come back online with the new firmware version?  You can click a status icon in the right-most column of the jobs page to see the upgrade status of individual devices.  Are there errors/failure reasons displayed for your SMs?

I have forwarded this to a colleague who can provide more details regardinb device software updates.