cnMaestro on-premises maintanance


a couple of questions.
We have a 3.1.0 installed on premises. Every couple of weeks it hangs up, and we have to reset the VM

Now the questions:
a) if I create a backup, install a new, clean VM and recover from backup, will I import every device AND cnMaestro’s settings as IP address, ecc?
b) why there isn’t a MTA installed?
c) can we upgrade/update the installed packages with apt-get or this will break something?

Thank you

In 2.x we backup the data, create a new vm, and import the backed up data (I assume it is the same in 3.x). Everything is retained so no need to re-enter data. Regarding Ubuntu package updates, when we tried this in the past, it broke things even though Cambium claims they ship their dependencies apart from the system (see redis vuln forum post). So I would not recommend it.

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Hi MW_WISP – we are unaware of a persistent hanging issue, so it would be good to create a support case and provide more information about your deployment.

a. cnMaestro System Backups store configuration and 1 month of device statistics in 3.1.0. They do not include server network settings or items set through the Console. To get this information, we recommend a Data Backup, which makes a copy of the data disk (disk2) and swaps it in before starting the new virtual machine.
b. Could you explain the request for an MTA?
c. We do not recommend apt-get upgrades, because in the past we have experienced problems with individual updates. Since then we have locked selected packages to limit these issues; however, the best option is to upgrade with official packages that have been fully tested.

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Thank you @Rob and @rnelson

A) this Is an old installation, coming from 2.x, I think could be a good idea to have a fresh new installation
B) Looking for errors in logs I saw the “error” about the MTA. Could be useful to send email from script. To me, old style sysadmin, a OS without It seems weird
C) ok

Thank you

I think from 2.x to 3.x cannot import data from 2.x - have to enter it by hand