cnMaestro On-Premises with long data retention

Hi, we just won a tender from a non-profit organization to replace their existing WiFi system. However, we found out during implementation that user requires the controller to provide quarterly client connection details/report to government in order to obtain the funding of the wifi system.

Can you advise when the cnMaestro On-Premises Pro version with 1 year data storage available for reporting purpose ?

We heard the Pro-version for more than 1 year but still have not hear any update news. 


I have forwarded this to the product and support teams.

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Thanks and when do you expect we can have the news ? 


until we get back with the answer from our product team on long term solution, i can think of possible work around solution for the same requirment. 

on premises cnMaestro provides scheduled client report generation job and transfer to external file server. the report will contain 24 hours wireless client connection details. 

A much better and far easier solution is to simply stand up an instance of LibreNMS or other free open-source monitoring software that already has support for Cambium. This also gives you the ability to create actual alerts and alert policies, compared to current alerting in cnMaestro. You can also export the metrics from LibreNMS to InfluxDB and Grafana if you'd like to build granular and custom graphs.

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We tried to schedule the cnMaestro to provide the report every 7 days and then manually use Excel to prepare the quarterly report by importing these 7 days report to generate monthly and quarterly report etc. However, the generated report by cnMaestro will only save for 7 days in the VM server. If we do not download/export the file within 7 days after the report is generated, the report will not be able to download again.If it is possible to export to another file server, how can we achieve this ?

what if i want statistic report rather than alerts?

can those softwares do that?

Hi Tony,

You can use the Remote upload option for the data reports to upload to remote server. Please go to

Application->Settings page and under the Optional features Enable the Remote Upload option and provide the FTP/SFTP server details.



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This solution isn't great. Please allow us to store more data. We run on-premise and there shouldn't be a reason why there is a one week limitation. It's OK if we have to pay to unlock the feature, but please, it has been quite some time now. Ultimately I would like to see 13 months.


I second this!!!

I think you are missing the comunity request. We understand that you can make a backup of the data and store it on another server. This does not give us a way to view the performance data from the previous month. We want to look at a connection and have history older than a week. 

Hi Folks -- 1 year data retention will be part of the cnMaestro 3.0 release, due this summer. It will be a Pro feature.

@Rob wrote:

1 year data retention will be part of the cnMaestro 3.0 release, due this summer. It will be a Pro...

Hi @Rob.  I have mentioned this at the top of my lungs over and over and over again every time this subjet comes up anywhere on the forums.  It you make the data retention 'ONE YEAR', you are absolutely, 100%, totally missing the point. That will be absolutely useless for diagnostic purposes for most WISPs.

So please please listen to the WISPs - the long term data retention needs to be MORE than '1 year'.  It needs to be at least 15-18 months.  Here is why:

If a customer calls in with a problem, and let's say for example we look at their connection, and lets say the signal is lower than expected.  We look at the graphs and we can see in the last 3-4 weeks, the signal has degraded. WISP's will wonder, "is this something that happens every year at this time?"  "Has the antenna just moved, or is this maybe foliage on the trees?"  So, we scroll back and want to see what happened last year at the same time - BUT the signal degradation happened 4 weeks ago, so we need to see what happened 56 weeks ago, not 52 weeks ago.

This is the same situation with so so many things. A client calls in with 'slow internet' on January 3rd, and says it's been crap for a couple weeks. We look at their connection and can see that it's 100% pinned at their 20 MBPS since December 19th, and we wonder... I bet their kids & grandkids come home for Christmas, and 10 new devices are simply using up all their capacity - AND we want to see what happened last December 19th... but guess what, with "1 year data", the info from last December has just just been deleted by the server.  It's January 3rd, so we have data from last January 4th.. but data from last January 2nd, 1st, December 30st 20th 10th... that data was stored for a whole year, and just just when we need to look at it, the server deleted it.

So PLEASE hear what WISP's actually need.  The ''long term'' graph storage doesn't not need to be "1 year" - it needs to be at least 15-18 month's, so that critical graph information is not deleted just when we need to check if the current problem is a seasonal or annual thing.

Ideally, the ''long term'' would be limited only by the WISP's needs, let us buy as much storage as we want and store 2 years, or 30 months, or 66 months if we want.  But at the least, please please do not have it limited to 1 year / 52 weeks.  That is a fatal flaw.


Tenemos alguna actualizacion de este tema por favor

I second. third and fourth this.
Having one week of data is rubbish and gives next to no value.
Searching these forums with the term “one week” shows years of your loyal customers requesting, in fact begging you to sort this out.
Please fast track at least 18 months of data as a STANDARD feature. If you want us to use your products, and pay a premium at that, help us by giving us the tools we need.

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^^^ THIS ^^^
Searching for many, many, many things shows YEARS of us begging for simple, but basic features. Wanna know how ridiculous it is? It’s been over 5 years we’ve been asking for eAlign to ‘beep’. It’s a freaking beep! I used to be the biggest supporter, bending over backwards to support and help out - and nothing but slaps in the face - I am just so done.

Waiting for version 3.0 with hopefully an fully adjustable amount of time for historical performance.

Sadly - it looks like Cambium has:
a) decided we (their customers) are wrong, and having 1 yr and 2yr options are what they are going to go ahead with anyway.
b) decided that they are going to charge us for the privilege.