cnMaestro Onboarding a new SM but want to know where it is before Approving....

Maybe I am just looking right over it, but is it at all possible to see where (Network/Tower/AP) an SM is registered BEFORE approving it to be on the system?  

Does it exist and I am just looking right over it?


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Hi wdougmiller,

Since an SM is always expected to follow its parent we do not have a mechanism to allow the user to choose or view where the SM will be onboarded. If the AP is not onboarded to cnMaestro yet, the SM will be placed under the default network. But there is no good summary of where the SM is headed after approval that one could look at (as of today). Could you please post this in the ideas section as well so that it can be considered in our upcoming releases? Thanks.

When utilizing the ICC for new SM's it would be good to know where the SM is located by simply looking at it the onboarding page.  there could be multiple teams throughout a large geographical area (lower 48 us), all doing different installs and we dont want to onboard another teams SM's.  seems like a simple add to show the "parent" that sent the onboard request, considering an ICC SM can't do anything on its own.


Thanks for the use-case clarification. Let me discuss this with the team and get back to you.

We approve the SM, see the tower and AP connected and after I delete it so come back in waiting for approval

As do we. Wasted step. A glance is all that should be required.