CNmaestro (OVA) Web GUI Creedentials & High use of resources

I've just downloaded and installed a virtual machine of CNmaestro (cnmaestro-on-premises_2.2.0-r60_amd64.ova).

1. What is the user and password of the Web GUI (managment url)?

I've tried cambium/cnmaestro but it doesn't allow me to login in the Web GUI.

2. When I run the ova in a Proxmox (KVM) it works but it takes constantly 100% of CPU (has 8 cores), what can I do to lower this excessive use?

Hi ,

admin/admin are the default GUI login credentials for cnMaestro.



It's not admin/admin (I checked it), and we haven't altered any database or anything else.


You could try with one-time password that should help you to get into the server web UI. For which, you need to have cnMaestro Console access or if SSH is already enabled you can SSH to the server and create a onetime password. 

I have attached the document on how to create one-time password. I hope this helps.