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The cnMaestro Overview and New Features webinar recording is here. Please post questions and comments to this thread.



I've seen the minimum required version for PMP is 15.0.1 .

If we have some AP's with 14.2.1, they will stop monitoring if I upgrade cnMaestro to the 1.4.0?

the device must upgrade to the minimum required software to be managed by cnMaestro.

In your case, if the AP stay with 14.2.1, you can't get the device on board to cnMaestro.



PMP450 Reminder -

We don't have any other models deployed so can't verify this for them -

Edit 03/10 - Post 1.4 Release

Thanks for the improvements and fixes - Still...

1) Please ensure that the PMP450 AP and SM "Description" field, which when on-boarding is named "Remark", is editable.  Currently all "Basic" information is editable with the exception of this field. 

This field is part of the "Performance/Device" and "Inventory/Health" pages.  It should also be part of the device info hover.

2) Please ensure that when exporting "Notifications/Events" for an AP, the MAC of a device dropped or registered is likewise exported.  Currently the information is displayed onscreen in the "Event" field, but is not exported.  Only the fact that a device has been dropped or registered is exported.  Now exports, but doesn't display.  One more tweak should do it.

I would consider these a must not only for the "Standard" version of cnMaestro, but certainly the "Pro".

Thanking you in advance.

Thanks for providing the information. I am really glad to be a part of this forum.


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