cnMaestro PBA rule limitation and batch load

I need to assign about 400 devices in a cnMaestro switch group (2K/1K switches, PCs, printers) to different VLANs using Policy Based Automation (Rule > MAC).

  1. Is there a limit for the number of rules in PBA?
  2. Is there a better way than entering 400 devices manually in cnMaestro via the web GUI?

Hello, 100 policies are supported in cnMatrix release 4.1 and later. 50 policies are supported before release 4.1.
If you want to detect the devices based on MAC addresses, you can use MAC range in the rule, provided the addresses are contiguous. MAC address is entered per rule. If these devices support LLDP, you can match the devices or group of devices based on some common settings in the LLDP TLV sent by the devices.

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Thank you for answering question 1. Question 2 is about whether I have to enter the PBA rules manually via web GUI in cnMaestro or whether there is a possibility of batch loading. Due to the limited number of rules I assume that I can configure PBA in cnMaestro only via WEB Gui.