cnMaestro ports

Which ports are required to be open (Inbound and Outbound) through a firewall for cnMaestro to talk to my APs and SMs in the cloud-based version? Their documentation only specifies port 443 outbound.


We need port 443 and port 80 (for older version of ePMP running below 3.2)

If your device is running 3.2 and above then you need only 443 port open.

Port 80 was used to perform software upgrade but with latest 3.2 it’s now over 443 only.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the quick reply. Can you tell me if 443 needs to be open inbound as well as outbound?

Only outbound traffic to be opened with respect to cnMaestro.

Sorry for the confusion.

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You mentioned ePMP only. What about ports which must be open for PMP450 SMs and APs to manage them from cnMaestro? Which direction open?

Same port and rules for PMP devices as well