cnMaestro Public IP

If we decide to use cnMaestro cloud based what public IP addresses or domains will my APs need access to and on what ports?

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devices uses port number 443 with TCP protocol. suggest to whitelist url https://* in your firewall

What Domain names other than are used by this service?

The firewall we use does not support wildcard domain names, we can allow fixed domain names aso have added the above name but we see that one other address is also being accessed. We have added this address but every 2-3 months we find that the access rule fails as the service now starts using a new address. If we knew the domain names we could add this.

Thanks in advance

Hi gregh_nz -- we don't have a predetermined list of domain names. Domains used will be subdomains of, but the IP addresses mapped to them will change over time, at the discretion of our service provider.

Having issues with this.

Besides these two domains on TCP 443 and a local DNS server is there anything else the APs etc must contact?

Getting "SAS is not reachable Transmit Disabled!". After a couple days of normal operations.  Any ideas?

any solution to this issue?
We have to activate customer account for connectivity to maestro, not huge deal but it can muddle up billing