cnMaestro radio status down, but in fact it is up

Hello people. Does anybody have a clue how to solve this?
I have a PoP with 3 APs (ePMP 3000) and several SMs. It is working fine, I can ping the radios… the problem is that in cnMaestro all this equipments shows to be down, I expected it to update but it´s been more than 24 hours and nothing. What may be the problem?

Do the radios show that they’re connected to cnMaestro?

It seems to be a bigger issue. I cannot acess the radio remotely, although I can ping them.

Hi @Jony_Pedro_dos_Santo!

Do those radios continue to deliver subscribers traffic? Do you mean access GUI? Can you ssh?
Is there any NAT/firewall between you and radios? How did it arise, did you change something before?

Nothing substantial was changed. Just changed the APs after a storm que damaged the old ones. I can SSH.

Then you have to check where port 80 is blocked. Is there any firewall or NAT in you network? Also you can try to telnet on port 80 from the switch or router connected directly to the radio. To see if it opens a connection . If yes this means it works and port is blocked at some place in your network.

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Thakn you. I will check it

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