cnMaestro RADIUS configuration


I’m getting hard time to find the process of configuring the RADIUS authentication in cnMaestro. I have gone through many blogs and videos but still not understanding. People are taking about freeRADIUS server. But where to configure freeRADIUS and where to install it, and how?

I want to use RADIUS authentication for Guest customers to access the guest network. For that, customers need to enter their mobile numbers and get the SMS OTP (One Time Password) to access the guest network.
(1) There is a RADIUS option in the Guest Access tab in WLAN. If I select this option then Do I still need to use freeRADIUS server or RADIUS option in cnMaestro will be ok??
(2) If I still need to use freeRADIUS server then where can I install freeRADIUS server using Windows, what location to install ??
(3) Where can I configure the SMS authentication in cnMaestro??

If someone can help (with screenshots from latest cnMaestro portal) that would be great.