CnMaestro RADIUS


We have a costumer that want to use RADIUS for authenticate on 1 of  the WLANs. But they only use RADIUS with PAP to day. They're using CnMaestro Cloud. Access points they're using are E600.

Can they use RADIUS with PAP to do this? If, who do they accomplish this?

(Yes, I know this is not a safe way to do it.)


not heard using eap-pap for wireless users authentication unlike what we hear common eap-peap, eap-tls, eap-ttls. since we use externall aaa, we shall try with 802.1x configuration on wlan profile. please share your observation once we try it.

no special settings we need, just configure wlan with aaa configuration i.e. add external aaa server with authentication mode set to wpa2-enterprise / wpa2-802.1x. 

Hi have not heard about eap-pap on Wi-Fi my self, before. But what do I need to set up in CnMaestro Cloud for making eap-ttls work?  Do I need to choose eap-ttls anywhere, in CnMaestro?

here are the steps to achive wap2-enterprise authentication (including eap-ttls) on wlan.

1. go to wlan security settings and enable "WPA2 Enterprise 802.1X"

2.  Next, go to AAA servers, configure at least one Authentication Server 

Now save and push the configuration to all other aps. This will ensure now clients can authentcaite with eap-ttls mode