cnMaestro run linktest

Would be kind of nice if from cnmaestro when pmp450 becomes available can support running link tests from cnmaestro, i'd advise the option to run extrapolated tests for anyone, but if the cnmaestro user is  an admin let them opt to run a full flood link test. Maybe store the last resulting link test with a timestamp :S

Could be grown later maybe.... do i hear ability to schedule midnight linktests of all SM's sequentially on each ap so we can get a pretty report of performance across all our SM's in the morning :D

I Kudo that idea.  On our older StarOS gear, we have a utility that can run timed 'over the air' speed tests from a computer at our shop, right to each AP or CPE.  So, the devices are always running their speed-test daemon ready to accept a test, and we can run the ''starutil'' utility to to a -tx and -rx test to any CPE.  That tests end-to-end performance from here through all the backbones to there.

SO, that's kinda like doing an iPerf, except that we can just do it anytime, to any CPE out there. And that means we can do exactly what CSSup asks for, we can write a script that tests all the connections for throughput and graphs them, and we can see their 'over the air' performance in a chart.  VERY handy when looking for performance problems which aren't readily apparent by low signal or SNR numbers.

So, being able to schedule cnMaestro to be able to do that on selected and/or on all SM's in our network and to graph the results - that'd be awesome.

This will be available with cnMaestro 1.6.1 release.