CnMaestro signal reporting

CnMaestro - 1-6 months for example of signal level reporting. This could help determine antenna alignment and tree growth issues.

I think it would be especially nice if we could somehow have a layout that shows SMs with the most signal degradation over x amount of time.  This would allow us to do some proactive fixes/relocations/tree trimming

I'd even put forward 12 months of retention so you can get a true year-over-year analysis of degradation - we do this in our legacy graphing system and it is monumentally helpful to compare i.e. this April during the bloom vs. last April.

More than a year.- for us with our cacti graphs, it is ESSENTIAL to have a bit more than a year... like 14 or 16 months.

If a client calls with a speed problem, they usually say "it's been slow for the last few weeks" and if we only have 1 year... the "last few weeks" from last year have scrolled off already.  We need not 52 weeks... but at least 56w

(and preferably 16 months)

I agree!! I would suggest a MINIMUM of 14 months.