cnMaestro SM Addresss and Customer Name

I've noticed that cnMaestro does not show the SM SNMP Location or Site Contact anywhere in the SM dashboard, or even as a searchable field in inventory. Instead, there is a "description" text box but it doesn't look like that's populated from any setting configurable on the SM. In Wireless Manager we can easily search by SM location, but cnMaestro does not look like it has this capability, which is disappointing. It would be nice if we could search by Site Location, since all of our SM's have them configured and it makes it easy for our NOC to locate an SM. I'd rather not go through all of our SM's in cnMaestro just to add their address to the description field.

I'd second this.  Would love to see the device details under the configuraiton tab show Site Name, Contact, and Location rather than Name & Description.  This should also not be a field that causes the subscriber to reboot!