cnMaestro stuck on updating firmware

currently running cnmaestro On-Premises started firmware updates on all of our 450m and 450 sm's 48 hours ago. however its currently stuck trying to update sm's that are no longer connected. which is about 28 sm's. 12 hours ago it was 32.... I see no way to stop this process and can't delete this job! 

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Which version of cnMaestro are you running?

please update with latest version 1.6.3 and you will be able to abort/kill the job.


i would love too.. but it won't let me until the job is done. i didn't realize there was an update until after i started the update :D

let me send you private msg , can we do team viewer session so I can fix it?

What is the fix for this? Our 15.2.1 update has been brought to a hault because of this bug, rebooting the server doesn't fix the WebUI. When going to the Sofwatre Update page for the AP the checkbox is stuck with a loading gear and I'm unable to select the AP to apply an update. 

Edit: It looks like the fix is deleting the SW job after stopping it.