cnMaestro support yet?

Is there support for cnMaestro on the cnMatrix product line yet?

I can't find any way to configure it and there is nothing in any of the current of beta documentation regarding it. Thanks!

Thanks for the note. I have forwarded it to our product team.


          As of today matrix is not in maestro. It will be integrated into both versions of Maestro(On-Prem and Cloud).

Any date? Q1/Q2 this year?

Available early February 2019.

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Confirmed.  1st half of February.   Available for both cloud and on-prem.

cnMaestro version  - 2.1.1

cnMatrix version - 2.0.3

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It is now the 20th of February...... if cnMaestro is able to connect to the cnMatrix switch, what is the process to make that happen?  In cnMaestro I can't enter the SN of the cnMatrix switch and when logged into the cnMatrix switch I can't find any method for entering cambium id credentials.  I also went through all of the logical cli commands and was able to put the URL in but still no credentials.  My switch has 2.0.3.r-4 on it.

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cnMaestro support for cnMatrix isn't available yet, We are currently updating servers to 2.1.1. You will see a cnMatrix beta banner once the support is available on your home page. You will then be able to onboard your device by Claiming through MSN shown on the box. cnMatrix Switch doesn't support cambium ID based onboarding in the initial release.

Note: cnMatrix will be auto updated to latest 2.0.4 build after claiming through MSN.  

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cnMatrix is now supported with cnMaestro 2.1.1 in the cloud.   cnMaestro has been loaded across all servers and cnMatrix has been actived.    Enjoy!!!


what about On-Premises version?


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we are using cnMaestro On-Prem Version 2.1.0-r23. cnMatrix with software version 2.0.3 was able to connect to cnMaestro, we had statistics, but software update for example had no cnMatrix entry.

Now after upgrading the switch to 2.0.4, it cannot connect to cnMaestro:

cnMaestro connection state : Error

I assume we have to wait till the upgrade for cnMaestro On-Prem comes out? When?


cnMaestro on-prem version does not offically support cnMatrix yet.  cnMaestro 2.1.1 cloud does support cnMatrix 2.0.4.

Yes, good question!  

The on premise version has not been released yet, but is very close.  Another couple weeks.   


When can we expect an update to on-prem to support these guys?  

Hi,  Unfortunately I do not have an exact date of when cnMaestro for cnMatrix will be available via on-Premise.  It should be very soon.  We are working on getting the date now.   Once I know the exact day, we will post it to this thread.

cnMaestro 2.1.1 (on-premise) release is available. Please load a tar image file cnMatrix-EX2K-2.0.4-r1.tar.gz from cnMatrix Support site to cnMaestro in the Software Image section.