CnMaestro sync "ignore" list

I like using an AP Group to distribute settings to R Series devices installed the customer premesis  The issue right now is pretty much every customer wants a different SSID and WPA key (can you blame them?).  Right now it seems I can either create a new WLAN & AP group for each one keeping them "In Sync" with CnMaestro, or I can set that directly on the device they'll all report a "configuration sync" alarm.

I actually would like to keep things like passwords and QoS settings auto-synced with CnMaestro, but I want to be able to tell CnMaestro "don't sync these one or two settings, and ignore it if they're different from the WLAN/AP Group".

A simple implementation might be to add a macro to user defined overrides like %{IngoreSync}.

Another thought was to add one or more SSID's to the "Device Overrides (Advanced)" dialog.