cnMaestro Templates ignore rebootIfRequired?

Is it just me or does cnMaestro Templates seem to not respect the rebootIfRequired = false tag, and the PMP AP always reboots after the template is applied even if the template has the rebootIfRequired set to false.

Seems like a bug

 "userParameters": {
  "apNetworkConfig": {
   "ntpDomainNameAppend": 0,
   "ntpServers": [
 "configFileParameters": {
  "rebootIfRequired": false
 "cfgFileVersion": "1.0"

Yes, that is correct. “rebootIfRequired” is only used for configuration files directly imported to the device outside of cnMaestro. This field is not supported by cnMaestro templates. It is specific to PMP devices.

cnMaestro uses a separate mechanism to tell the device that it should reboot if required in order to complete the configuration update.

If cnMaestro added a “Reboot if required” checkbox that you could unselect, for what scenarios would you use it? I’m wondering if any new reboot/tracking capabilities would be required in cnMaestro in order to make it useful.

Well, a perfect example of this is prepping changes to configuration for instance NTP servers that require a reboot but really isn’t a critical change. That way we can have the APs reboot during the next firmware push and not just randomly rebooting the entire network for a non-critical parameter change on the network.

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Thanks for the feedback @CSup. The example is helpful. I’ll discuss this with the team as a potential future improvement.

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dont know why i am just seeing this thread but I would love this option to be available on epmp, pmp and cnpilot r series equipment as well. Is there a request platform available that users can vote on features by any chance?

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its been a year, any update @Jordan ?

@Robert_Saunders, I’ve contacted management to put some priority on this feature for a release.